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All Class Members have answered God’s call and,

through the guidance of The Holy Spirit, 

will achieve their full potential as active Disciples for Christ. 

As a result, we will change the world 

and continue to support each other

through the joys and hardships of life.

Sep 30, 2018

Vision Africa Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based mission organization whose purpose is to “Share God’s Love” with the African people. 

Primarily in Nigeria, the most densely populated country in Africa (more than 178 million), Vision Africa empowers Africans through Faith-Based Education, Leadership and Community Service radio broadcasts, medical missions, evangelism, church plants, bibles for pastors, disease prevention including Ebola, AIDS, malaria and polio, leadership development, and peace and reconciliation. 

All of these mission activities are managed in part through our Dallas Board of Directors and Executive Director, and U.S. fundraising provides close to 100% of the funds necessary to make all these areas of ministry possible.