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All Class Members have answered God’s call and,

through the guidance of The Holy Spirit, 

will achieve their full potential as active Disciples for Christ. 

As a result, we will change the world 

and continue to support each other

through the joys and hardships of life.

Mar 31, 2019

We begin a two part series exploring the lives of two followers of Jesus Christ who remained at the cross when others had fled. See why Mary Magdalene and the Beloved Disciple are prime examples of what it means to be deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ, how we can follow their example, and the rewards that await...

Mar 24, 2019

Our Next Discipleship Destination If We Faithfully Follow Him!

 With "Come and See", curiosity or being powerfully drawn is the first step which leads us to Jesus.  To be able to answer Jesus' deeper call, "Follow Me", it takes first a desire, then a firm intent, then a decision shared with God to allow the Holy Spirit...

Mar 17, 2019

Will You Open Yourself to Jesus' Call to Full Discipleship?
"Follow Me" takes us out of the category of curiosity and into the realm of invitation -- His Invitation for you to allow Him to lead you into His life, His compassionate acts of kindness and service, His relationship with His Father.  It's the road to...

Mar 10, 2019

The Arc of Full Discipleship – Session 1 - "Come and See": Beginning Our Journey to Full Discipleship

 (please bring your Bibles and read John 1:35-51 this week)

During the next three weeks, our class is a a series, “The Arc of Full Discipleship”. During that time, we will explore how our journey to full...