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All Class Members have answered God’s call and,

through the guidance of The Holy Spirit, 

will achieve their full potential as active Disciples for Christ. 

As a result, we will change the world 

and continue to support each other

through the joys and hardships of life.

Sep 22, 2019


HOW Do You Begin??

And THEN What Do You Do?

What Roles Will You and the Holy Spirit Each Have

in This Journey of Yours?


Practicality rules in this lesson: we will lay down the rubber on the road to your own personal further journey to FULL discipleship!  Pray your way through this week to know if this is a journey you actually intend to take, and then come on Sunday ready to roll up your sleeves and grapple with how to make it reality in your everyday comings and goings, workplace, human relationships, and spiritual growth.

Come prepared to take down your thoughts and ideas which might come to you during class: once you begin this journey, it’s all hands on deck to take in and capture the torrent you’ll begin receiving!