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All Class Members have answered God’s call and,

through the guidance of The Holy Spirit, 

will achieve their full potential as active Disciples for Christ. 

As a result, we will change the world 

and continue to support each other

through the joys and hardships of life.

Dec 19, 2021

Our speakers lead the class in selections from their famous Christmas songbook, which they have compiled over several decades.

Dec 12, 2021

ANGELS have to be one of the iconic symbols of Christmas... and yet... what do we really know about them, or the circumstances surrounding their coming? 
What do we believe today? 
What does the Bible tell us about them? 
DOES an angel get it's wings "...every time a bell rings?" 

Dec 5, 2021

This Advent, we’re taking a page from one of the key symbols of Christmas—the tree—tracing this theme through the story of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. The Bible actually compares humans to trees a lot! In fact, aside from God and humans, trees are mentioned more in the Bible than any other living thing....